Ditched in a place I shouldn't have even been

Tonight was a dance for school. I shouldn’t even be going, the strobe lights trigger my anxiety immensely. The only reason I had gone was that my friends had asked me to and I’m really gullible. They said they wouldn’t leave me alone, or make me go in to the room with the strobe lights,but the ditched me. I turned around for a couple of seconds, and they left. Took the first chance they could. This isn’t the firs time they’ve done it either.

Hey there,

That must have been so overwhelming. I am so sorry you even went through that and that it has happened more than once. I hope you are able to take some time for yourself and hopefully reset from all that happened tonight.

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes


Oh man, I am so very sorry. This must have been so stressful for you. I’m sorry that you went through this. Like Hannah said, I truly hope you get time to yourself. Stress and anxiety are so hard to deal with. I’m sorry that your friends left you, I know that I’m easily overwhelmed in similar situations. Always know that this community is here for you. You’re so strong.

Hold fast!
Hannah Presley