Divorcing a narcissist

I’m suffering with PTSD, depression, anxiety while trying to divorce my husband who has NPD. He has financially, emotionally, and physically abused me and our son for the last 9 years. I got a restraining order to remove him from our household in July of 2018 and been trying to divorce him ever since.
It feels like it will never be over, as he will not agree to any settlement, even the ones he came up with himself originally. I also recently have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the fatigue plus other symptoms are further making my life a living hell.
He also secretly transferred $42k of credit card debt to credit cards he took out in my name only in the beginning of 2018.
I wish everything was just over with. I don’t want to have to constantly go back to court to get him to pay his court-ordered child support. I just need some small sign of hope that this will have an end and we can move on with our lives MINUS HIM!!!


hey @RaneyNickel ,
im sorry your having to deal with him do you have 100% custody over your child?
i hope you get everything figured out
hold fast

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No, I was ordered by the judge to let him have every other friday-sunday weekend custody of our son :frowning: The judge said, “Limited contact with a bad parent is better than no contact.”

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Ouch @RaneyNickel im so sorry but atleast he has limited contact with his father. please keep me updated.

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Hi friend. I went through separation and a divorce fairly recently myself. So I know the stresses of dealing with all of that plus the courts and everything that comes with it. It’s challenging even when it’s civil and calm, so when people are being difficult, I can only imagine how much mental energy that must drain.

I’m sorry that he’s making it so hard. When you just want to be able to move forward with your life. I fought through my divorce with PTSD as well. Along with Autism and other mental/physical health issues. So it was just an entirely draining process.

Do you have a lawyer? We did our lawyer free since we had an agreement that worked out for us. But otherwise a lawyer is always recommended to help with the process. I know going at it alone is just UGH.

I know that you just want it all to be over with, and going back and forth is really frustrating but just know that there is an end to all of this. It’s temporary and will not last forever even when it feels like it. I truly hope that things eventually work out and am sending you all kinds of love.

Stay strong.

  • Kitty

Oof, that is very hard.

It is important for a child to be a part of their parent’s life. But it also changes case by case. Do you have concern that he will not be safe or in a healthy environment with him? If this is the case, I would keep documentation of anything that goes on that feels like it’s a problem. Keep screen caps of any convos of concern. That way later you can take it to the court if you need to try to fight for full custody or even possibly supervised visitation.