Do I fight for nothing?

What the fuck am I fighting for? I was good for so long and now I lay here for hours, for days, for weeks and my head is fighting me down deeper and deeper. Was all my struggle for nothing? Wouldn’t it be easier to let go ? Easier for me, for all the peoples around me and at least for my family because it would end then. All I wanted for weeks was someone to hug me… I know this Sounds stupid but it would help more than every word someone could say.


Thank for sharing this with us :hugs:

I think that a lot of people when they find in a situation that is making them suffer, ask the same question, what are they fighting for?. I havent make myself that question but I have make myself a question that is not different for yours. Why I am still here ?. With the help of my family and with this amaizing people in Heartsupport and YouTube videos, I learned that I am here because of me, because I want to live and you are not fighting for nothing, you are fighting for you, because there is a part of you that hope of a better day than you are having,you are fighting for your future, for you and you deserve to fight for yourself.

Dont think that if you stop fighting people would be better without you, because the ones that care about you,even if they are angry or somenthing like that, they love you and they want you to keep fighting, we want you to keep fighting, remember you arent alone in this

Life isnt easy, is hard but at the same time, life has so beautiful moment that are worth of fighting for.

Please take care :heart: I send you a virtual hug :hugs: If you need something, we are here :muscle:

Take care :hugs:

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As a man who has struggled his whole life with mental health I can tell you one thing, don’t ever give up, never. There are ups and downs but what we do when we are down is what makes us who we are. For me everyday is a battle but my spirit is the one thing that can never be broken, I’ll fight everyday of my life and I know you can do the same. Sometimes I wish someone would just hug me too, but when not possible a few words of encouragement will help make through the day. Peace bro :wink:

Thanks so much for he responding!

And I know somewhere inside my head that maybe my life can be worth living for. But at the moment everything feels so empty. I don’t want to get out of bed I don’t want to talk to anybody. And I fucking don’t know how I can get out of this struggle again. I was fucked up for years and pushed myself out of it and I was fine for like a year… and now I’m sinking again und it feels like I can’t tell someone about it because I don’t want them to… to feel the way about me like they had to the last few years.

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I know I will die because someday I will make a mistake and will not think about it. And maybe this day is…today

I know how hard it is to get back up again, right now I’m on that process. I let other people completely destroy my self esteem and right now I’m trying to build myself again, it’s hard and as You mentioned it’s fucking hard to get out bed but it’s worth fighting for YOUR life. So don’t give up man, you are not alone on this fight

But…I’m alone. Nobody can or will help. They did enough for me the last couple of years. So it would be easier and better for All involved people of I would go

No, you’re not alone. There are thousands of people out there fighting the same battles and we are here in this forum to help each other out. So again, don’t give up brother, that it’s not Even an alternative.
Idk if you’re into music the way I am but listening to this kind of songs always helps when i’m down so give it a try :wink:

Like @lg95 have said you arent alone, there are a lot of people around the world that would understand what is making you suffer, you have yourself too and as long as you have yourself you wont be alone, you have us here to help and you have people that love you.

You arent alone and you wont be alone, please keep fighting, It isnt easy but I know that you will win this fight, I believe in you.