Do you cry because of how far you’ve come?

Today I joined a meeting online RANDOMLY of strangers giving each other emotional and moral support. I opened up about being sexually abused by my dad which I had NO intentions of doing. It felt liberating, healing and I felt so proud of myself for doing that. I realised I have come such a long way as this time last year I couldn’t even stomach the fact it happened to me. Now I’m healing, I realise whatever happened to me made me. And I’m able to learn, grow and educate others that it does get better even though I do have my bad days. But yes, I cried after the meeting because I realised I’m a strong human being for what I’ve been through and I’m so hard on myself- which needs to stop. I realised my trauma doesn’t define me. It’s only made me more sympathetic and self aware. I thank god before anything, and I thank for services like heart support for being a light in my journey❤️


This brings me joy to read.
I am so happy for you thay you have seen the progeess and youre healing
You deserve all the days to be filled with joy and peace! Thank you for sharing this with us.

I hope this brings comfort to those who need a light to help them out of the dark, and give them a reason to hope!



I had a similar experience and also felt the weight of holding it to myself. There’s something that changes when you find the strength to put a voice to those demons. You finally get to be in charge of tour narrative and it turns from something that haunts you to something that empowers you and others around you. Seeing you overcome this is just so inspiring and will be to many I’m sure.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Thank you so very much for this post, I can t express how happy I am for you to have made the reaslisation of your strength and fortitude getting through the last year. It must have been pretty scary standing in front of those people but to tell them to inspire them and to allow them to see how wonderful you are and notice it yourself just makes me so happy. You don’t need it but I am so incredibly proud of you. Your story, you strength is such an inspiration to others and the tears of happiness and pride are a beautiful thing too. Thank you again for this post and thank you for being you. Much Love. Lisa. x

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From: Dr Hogarth

Hi Missunderstood,

Looking back over everything you have endured and seeing how, despite all of it, you’ve come so far is an incredibly emotional revelation to have. You deserve to have that clarity and to take pride in who you have become. I hope that whenever you lean into being hard on yourself in the future, you’ll go back to this moment in your mind and be reminded of how truly remarkable, brave and strong you are.

You matter so much my friend and thank you for sharing this x


Sharing your childhood trauma with others must have been a massive relief, and I can understand why the tears would have started flowing. Such an enormous outpouring of emotions is bound to have a physical response.

I’m so proud of how far you have come in processing your abuse and you should be too. Understanding our pain helps us to understand the pain of others.

I’m so glad that Heart Support could be part of your journey.


It’s exactly that. It’s liberating having this voice

Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it I really do