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My family and I are on the outs now. I’m moving to a new state soon on my own, leaving them behind to try to be a new positive me over time. Honestly scared

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From: the_commentator

I wish this person all the absolute best, and I hope their eye catches this message HeyGuys <3

From: bexrayspex

that’s a tough situation to be in dude, but you will look back on this as the beginning of a new chapter in time. you got this! sending love and good wishes

From: brofessor_11

I moved across country to start anew… Things went south, and I was forced to come home… While it wasnt the greatest time, it helped me become who I am… Found my future wife (currently engaged) and allowed me to repair some relationships that I thought were lost forever… Give it a go, and worse comes to worst, you can come home and start fresh. Try it!!!

From: bustaxbusta

I’m moving to a new state soon as well and I’m scared, but it’s gonna be such an awesome new place to explore and you’ll learn about yourself and it’s gonna be great!

From: trippingonpeyote

I can totally understand. My family and I are on the outs as well. Sometime change is difficult, but helps you grow and enrich yourself. It can be very difficult, but also just by asking for help you are reaching out for yourself and you are not alone

From: owlexb

I know firsthand that this is difficult. Please remember that we can make our own family network of new friends and folks we meet. Be well.

From: legendofdice

I moved from NH to SC for the same reason. It was terrifying, but I took it one day at a time, and reveled in the freedom and adventure that was mine. I wish you strength on this exciting journey you are embarking on.

From: silentspartan7

I would’nt jump into anything on a rash decision but if your family is toxic or you need to move on from them i would go balls deep into that move, I moved out at 18 over 15 years ago and the world is a big place plenty to do, nothing to be afraid of man, make your own path, your own future

From: bandicoot08

Happier days are ahead, you won’t always feel this way. Ride out the low in the darkness and you’ll start to rise into the sunshine

From: ladytapioca

I’m sorry you have this going on but I know you can grow stronger and make new bonds! You can start that with the HeartSupport community if you want. I believe in you friend, hold fast.

So i’m the poster, i’d found heartsupport through Kitboga when i was going through a really hard time of having to leave my family behind because they were toxic and put me down constantly.

I’m living in another state now, near my best friend who’s always encouraging me and my daily life + mental health has improved substantially. It was really hard getting here and i came with nothing but my cat and some clothes, but i have my own place now and i’m moving forward to a life I want with no one holding me back.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the encouragement everyone sent, Doc played a song when i’d sent in my message and that meant a lot to me too.
Thanks Heartsupport, everyone who was there during that stream, and Doc_Bizzle!
I hope you’re all staying safe :heart:


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