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Does It Work? (trigger warning)

I saw a thing a while ago that I remembered about how tomato stems are poisonous. Is this true? And how much would someone have to consume for it to, say, kill them? It’s just a question. It’s not like I’ll eat it… just are there any foods that enough of one part can… well… kill you? I won’t eat them. Just wondering. Yeah… don’t worry. I’m not wondering how to kill myself… Definitely.


Hey friend,

We are not going to provide that kind of information, and I’m sure you understand already why.

I know you’ve been struggling for a while now and lately it’s been a tough season for you. The very fact that you bring up this question and your own explainations still makes me wonder why you’d ask this. It’s okay if you’re not okay. You know you won’t be judged here, no matter how you feel. I want you to be safe and to take care of yourself. We all do.

If you want to talk, we’re here. :hrtlegolove: