Does someone have experience with misophonia?

for a few years now i suffer from Misophonia.
(Misophonia, meaning “hatred of sound”, was proposed in 2000 as a condition in which negative emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds)
And i wanted to ask if someone of you has to deal with it too and if you experienced progress or even healing?

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I absolutely suffer from misophonia and it’s an absolute nightmare. I kind of have up trying to progress or heal to be honest, as it only seems to have gotten worse over the years. I would love to hear if you stumble upon any treatments. I think exposure therapy would only skyrocket my blood pressure.


Thank you for sharing!
Its the same with me. It only gets worse and I dont know any treatments other than the exposure therapy and hypnosis. Both isn´t an option for me. Once I tried to tell my best friend about it and he didnt really take it seriously but he broke one habit that triggered me because he was emberassed of it after made him notice it. If I had`nt told him that friendship would´nt last.
Unfortunately I can not explain that to my family and everyone around me because most of them
wouldnt understand and that would only make it worse.

Yea, sorry I couldn’t offer help. My husband knows about it (my biggest trigger is eating noises, but also tapping, repetitive ringing and multiple people talking over each other) so he has no problem sitting as far away from me as he can while we eat. Fortunately I don’t know a lot of people that trigger me. There were a lot at my old job but now that I work from home it’s not as problematic.

Deep breathing and reminding myself there is no apparent danger…works for me…or i goto another room…

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Im happy for you that you found a way to deal with misophonia within your family. I think thats very important. Otherwise you would have to distance yourselve from everyone in your life wich can become very lonley.
Its good to hear from somone who has the same problemes thanks for sharing!

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I stick to the going in to another room method when I can. Sometimes I find it helpfull to distract myself (for example after dinner with my family) with agressive music. Because it helps me to let go of al the tension and anger.

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And i wanted to ask if someone of you has to deal with it too and if you experienced progress or even healing?

Yes, dealing with that too. And sometimes it feels like it gets worse through the years… unfortunately. But also, I never adressed that directly. I can’t stand tapping, repeated noises, very deep bass sounds from musics, or hear someone eating. It’s like pushing a button that makes me instantly nervous and distressed ^10000. It was really hard for my partner to understand that, especially since we’ve been living in small appartments for almost a decade and are both geeks (but him way more than me). So the noise of the keyboard, the mouse… welp. It’s not a sound, but I’m also triggered by seeing someone doing a repeated movement in my peripheric vision. Like someone sitting on a chair and moving their leg repeatedly and nervously. With all this, I’m just afraid to be annoying to others, so I tend to reduce my own space not to be triggered… which is not always possible or well perceived.

As it’s mentioned here, going to another room is the only thing I found to help… Making sure that I have at least a real moment of silence during the day too. Earbuds, headphones… Helpful, but not always enough. But again, I never looked after any solution or help for that, so I know the problem, but not what could be helpful. :confused:

Don’t know if my message is of a great comfort, but you’re definitely not alone. And I’m glad to see that I’m not either.