Does this make me sound whiny?

I am mixed with Latina, White, and Black and I am White passing. I hate passing for White because even though I don’t share the struggles that people who are Black and look like they’re Black have, I do have struggles related to being light-skinned, but darker people just won’t(or can’t) acknowledge that I(and other light-skinned Black people and mixed persons)have struggles. I can’t stand it when darker Black people say "Well just because your part Black doesn’t mean you struggle and you don’t understand.” I do understand because I am Black and I have many struggles that are race related. For example, this one guy went up to me and said “I know why you don’t like me.” I said “Why’s that?”
He said “Because I’m Black and your White.” Actually, I don’t like him because he’s an asshole and he grabbed my breast. And I have friends that just don’t even listen when I tell them about the experience above, and when I say that I’m Black, I get “Your not Black, your (enter any other race besides Black)!” And it pisses me off.


Rightfully so. You have the right to feel the way you do, you and only you know what your going through. Sorry but everyone has a struggle in one way or another. You have some in your veins it’s not like your born from perfect white people going around calling yourself black. And I certainly believe you when you say you have troubles, your the in between- not enough to be considered and not enough to be ignored type of situation. And that’s a piss off I bet. As advice I don’t have much and not good at it, but I can maybe suggest you find someone who has more a mix like you. Maybe you can confident and de-stress in each other. And if not, from what I seen you are welcome here!

And by the way. That guy is a real asshole. When a walking asshole flaps their cheeks at you to talk, don’t listen ( again pitiful advice)

Hold fast

There’s nothing wrong for feeling how you feel, @Scarlette_Elle. As for what happened with this guy, racism is a very touchy topic and unfortunately he probably doesn’t realize that his reaction doesn’t serve you, him, nor the fight against racism. As you describe it, this was about attitude and not skin color. It’s not okay to grab someone’s breast. Period. Just two levels of interaction that are both fair, but not in any circumstance or situation. In that case, it was inappropriate and just off-topic.

Don’t let those bad experiences reinforce this feeling that others would be judging or won’t understand you because of their own skin color though. Not everyone look at the world through the lens of racism or communities. There are people willing to talk peacefully and create more understanding, just like there are people who will keep being off-topic everywhere.

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