Does this work?

Does this work?
I am not really sure what im doing here. I am probably too old to be doing stuff like married with a house and dog… I should have this figured out.
Life is weird right now. I am about to start my nursing classes for real and be working with patients in the middle of a pandemic. In order to do this i will have to leave my job which i have been working at for five employer has been awful to me, even dismising me after last year when i reported a doctor who groped and harassed me. I was trying to do the right thing, but i lost so many friends from it.
Anyhow i know its time to move on but i am afraid of the unknown. I worry so much and i hope i dont worry so much that i cant do my job correctly. I worry i will burn out as a nurse .i worry that i wont know what to say to people in their most difficult moments. And i just want to do the right thing.
I will be ok. I did start an SSRI a month ago. Im trying to get better. Thanks for reading.


From: bitemarque

Welcome to HeartSupport! You are never too old to reach out for help. The great secret of adulthood is that no one has it figured out, even if they seem like they do. It sounds like you went through some awful stuff and are taking positive steps to improve your life, and that’s excellent! You are working to put good out into the world, and that good will come back to you.

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From: slayvoid27

Hi, welcome to the community. Don’t let age hold you back from seeking support here. No matter what I believe your situation will get better with time.

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Welcome to the community Bug! There’s no max age on needing support or on still figuring out life. I’m in my 30s, going through a divorce, kids, dogs, cats, you name it… and I still lean on community around me for support and advice sometimes. First of all - thank you for what you’re doing, it’s a hard job and even harder right now, but so essential and supportive and helpful to those around you. I’m so sorry to hear about your experience with harassment and sexual assault - especially that when you reported it you were the one punished. That’s all too common right now, but looking forward to the day it changes in a very positive way. Do you talk to a therapist on a regular basis? Maybe they can cover some of the warning signs of burnout for you ahead of time. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in a lot of instances. I hope the new meds start to help you, be sure to be your own advocate if they aren’t or if the side effects become too much. You sound awesome, and I’m glad you found this community and posted today! <3

I understand. Keep going, one day at a time…because it will get better slowly. You’ve accomplished so much already so be proud. It takes guts, to persevere. :heart:


@Bug i understand completely, we are all living in a weird period of time right now where normal aint normal anymore. You are not alone in feeling like this because as you said the “fear of the unknown” hits most of us. Change is hard. I am glad you posted <3

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