Doing a lot better

I have to admit I’ve been doing a lot better than I was since my last post. To briefly sum up the last month’s events, I’m being scheduled for and going into therapy soon. The process has been taking longer than I’d like it to, but I can live with the fact that I’m going into it soon rather than never.

I’ve had a lot of embarassing talks with my family but I got a lot off my chest - a lot I’ve been keeping in for years. Fortunately, I’ve gotten nothing but love and support from them and even more attention. Not complaining though, I think it makes up for lost time.

Now my family’s been closer than ever - it’s gone to not speaking at all to going to concerts, watching movies/shows, taking archery lessons (much to my liking), traveling… I’ve even got a lot of plans for the summer to keep myself away from even dreaming about relapse. Some include community service hours and even violin lessons, which I’ve been wanting to pursue for a while. I’ve been making good strides in writing, too.

In summary, life’s great.


Hey Zoralln

First of all can I say how lovely it is to read a post like yours. There is nothing more heartwarming than a progress post so thank you so much for taking the time to write this.
I know its always a bit of a strange thing to say when we only ever know you via the forum but I am super proud of the strides you have made to improve your life, it cannot have been easy to have those talks with your family but it has clearly worked wonders for you and they all sound like awesome people who love you very much. Who would have thought by having some communication and honesty between you all things could change so drastically and for the better :grinning:
I hope your life continues to get better and better and once again thank you so much because everyone that reads this will hopefully gain a little something from it and they will get to see that it is possible for change to happen and for there to be light where there once was darkness.
Good luck Zoralln, you so deserve it. Much Love Lisa. x

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what a beautiful post :slight_smile:
Communication is such a scary thing to start, but it’s so wonderful when you can get it going!! So so happy that you all have been brought closer with this, and enjoy closeness and time together.

Hope this gives hope to others, and shows how powerful it can be when we hae a little extra bravery and open up about our thoughts and feelings! thank you for sharing!

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Oh my goodness this is so beautiful to read! It’s so hard being open with family and even friends and now that you have I hope that you continue to see this growth and support that you deserve.

I hate that the waiting part takes a while, but I do hope that it feels so very worth it! You deserve to have that safe space and feel seen and heard. I’m really glad your family are responding too.

Please always feel free to share with us all these wonderful moments and even moments that may seem harder. I hope we can be a support for you too x

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