Doing it again after 3 years of being clean

After 3 years of being free from alcohol I started drinking again. I feel lost and worthless. I don’t deserve it but please, pray for me. I feel like there is still hope for me. I need to stop before I drown. I just feel so alone and scared. I am sorry.

One Day At A Time.
One Step At A Time.
You Are Not Worthless.
You Are Worth It!
Proud Of You For Being Alcohol Free For 3 Years!
Guess What?
The Next 3 Years Of Being Alcohol Free
(And Beyond!)
Starts Right Now.
Today. :slightly_smiling_face:
I Got To 10 Years Alcohol Free By Reminding Myself This Every Day…
“I’m Just Don’t Feel Like Drinking Today.”
Every. Single. Day.
It Helped Me.
It Might Help You.:slightly_smiling_face:
Much Love And Hugz To You My Friend!
You Are Loved! :love_you_gesture:
Thank You For Sharing Your Thoughts.

Oh, Yeah! Didn’t Want To Forget About This…
:pray: For You. :love_you_gesture: