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I’m overwhelmed with the anxiety of working, trying to balance my university work, and preparing for vet school applications.
I’m fighting with my best friend, the only one who I felt I could turn to.
I’ve been struggling getting myself to go into therapy for the first time because I’m afraid I’m just “going through normal things” but I’m constantly anxious and angry.

Those are normal things to be overwhelmed with! It’s totally understandable. I’m sorry it seems like everything is boiling over at once. I can personally say that therapy does seem scary at first. However when you get there, you should feel a big relief. There is nothing wrong with going to talk to someone, especially when you are concerned about yourself! My aniexty personally is anger and anxiousness, until I started therapy I had no idea how to cope. Whatever you decide, it will be okay! There is always calm after the storm.

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It’s always difficult to balance a lot of things at once but if it’s for your future and for what you believe in it’s always worth it you can’t always separate things and expect it to work you always have to find a line to go to because it might be hard now might be hard and few weeks maybe years but in the end it’ll lead to great success great future better days better nights and this is all just a little bump in your road to a better happier day