Dont feel worth anything

Hi I’m back I haven’t been here for 6 months my house burnt down 2 weeks ago and I can never feel the point of life. I have nothing going for me. what’s the point of life to die? I honestly am not sure how I’m still alive I’ve probably tried to kill my self 2 or 3 times but fuck it. I have one friend and he’s moving away im lonely and done. The only thing that has stopped me from trying again to kill myself is my mom… she is my biggest support and I don’t know what she would do if something happened Idk what to do anymore. I go to sleep every night hoping I never will get up. I pray that I will die. Know one knows me. I hate myself. school just keeps getting harder and no one knows what I do the school doesn’t fucking care. I’ve quit smoking and vaping. I still drink. school won’t help me. I have a friend who has it rougher than me. and the school fucking knows they don’t care they don’t give 2 shits and it keeps getting worse. no one really likes me I try to fit in no one cares I’m never good enough.

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Sorry to hear about your house man and how your feeling!
Is there any hobby you could see yourself getting into to take your mind off things?
as for trying to fit in in school i think just be ur own person and fk what anyone thinks.
peeps be nasty/dumb when they young and theres no point getting hung up on any of that shit, Life is long and you have plenty of time to find your path and live a life that makes you happy.
as for offing yourself, once you pull yourself out the dark mindset you find yourself in now you wont believe you thought like that and it will all be a distant memory!
Your mum sounds amazing and your right, Im sure your her world and that to me right there is more than enough to live for.