Don't know what to do for my future

After my school year grad…and prom. I feel that i don’t feel fit in with my friends that i’m closest with…they just intend to ignore me and left me on read and i feel isolated when i just want attentions…and for my future i don’t know… My anxiety is rising up really hard…and i don’t know what to do about it…i feel dumb and alone…i do have passion on music and want to take my bachelor degree on it…but i don’t know what to do.

First, you’re not dumb. I live alone and work alone so I know exactly what you mean about desiring attention. Sometimes you want nothing more than someone to reach out to you. Just to say hi. How are you doing. Being alone can be the hardest thing. I don’t know what you believe in, but I am a Christian. So in those moments when it gets hard, feeling really alone, I remind myself I’m not truly alone, because He’s with me. My attention goes to Him and not so much on myself. But relationships are definitely very important, so I’ll be praying for you for that, that maybe God can place people in your life who can be there more for you, and also praying for direction and wisdom for you to know what to do with your passion for music.