Don't think I'm Lovable

Don’t think I’m lovable.

Abusive parents
Zero friends
Hateful siblings
No Girlfriend

Don’t think I’m lovable. No one will really love me, they are just using me.

Only I can love myself, but it would have been better if I was lovable.


No it’s not that you can’t be loved, it’s just that you don’t know any of the peple who would love you. If you find people you sympathise with than you make freinds. You are loveable. So thn you are loveable.


I have felt the same way in the past and like Leon said you just have to find the right people. It’s not needed for it to be IRL or online. At the end of the day just looking will show you that there are people who do and can love you for who you are.


Okay, Thank You Leon and Anymous

Though it does feels like finding the right person is going to take forever.

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Hi SuperReaderFQ888v,
I think you should really take a look at the list you’ve compiled here, because all of these things you list are external to you. Parents aren’t you, friends aren’t you, siblings aren’t you, and a girlfriend isn’t you either, so I’m wondering how you conclude that the problem is you.
You’re not saying you’re abusive, and hateful, that’s not you. And that’s a good thing. It will not make it easier to be in the situation, but don’t give up on you. You’re in a place where you can put some energy into becoming more of what you’d like to be, and if you’re unencumbered socially there is time to work toward becoming that person. Most of us, consider ourselves to be “a work in progress” it’s a popular saying, and it’s popular cause its true. You’re a lovable person, you just don’t believe it. Learning to believe it is part of the healing that you need. Peace


Hey @SuperReaderFQ888v,

Thank you so much for sharing and being here. It sounds that you’ve had your share of disappointment in this life… and especially from others. I’m so sorry, friend. But you know, what you’ve listed reveals others behaviors, not your worth. It’s incredibly heartbreaking and painful to be surrounded by people who don’t respect you or show some love. Even more, of people who are abusive one way or another. That’s not something you deserve.

As for being alone right now, there’s no amount of relationship that would define your worth or your right to be loved. You might feel like there’s some kind of curse, a story that repeats itself and you’re the common denominator… I’ve felt that way so many times, friend. But it’s not fair to ourselves to believe that kind of thing. You are worthy of love, regardless of what people did or said to you, regardless of your amount of relationships or your current situation. None of this defines you. You are worthy of love, compassion, care and respect in any circumstance.

Only I can love myself, but it would have been better if I was lovable.

What if it wasn’t about being lovable, but feeling lovable? When you put things in this perspective, you realize that it’s through self-care, and by giving yourself to live the life you desire, that you’ll feel that love reflected on you, through good relationships with others… but also with yourself.

You are alive, existing, enough as you are. There is so much beauty within you. Don’t let this world or any circumstance make you believe things about yourself that would be damaging in the long run. Be curious, challenge those thoughts in safe places, and with people who only want the best for you, like right here. You’re not alone. You are loved. :heart:


Thank you gnuone :heart::heart::heart:(I should just keep going)

Micro Thank You
For all the information! You wrote wrote all that because you do care :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

I can feel your loving kindness, which feels good to me.


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