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Don't want to be here anymore

Every single day I wake and think about not being here but I just think about it i know I have alot to lose if I leave it’s just so hard just to have everything on me


Hi friend, I can relate to that. Some days are super hard. Life often has a way of feeling like it piles everything on us all at once and it can be a battle trying to get through it all.

But you matter my friend. If you need to talk about the different things going on, please know that you can use this space to. No judgement. Sometimes it’s good to just get it off your chest and put it somewhere.

You don’t have to carry all the weight alone.

I’m sending you love

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Hey friend,
Its really hard carrying the weight of responsibilities, people, all the things going on in our lives. Waking up feeling everything and then having the thoughts of not being here can sometimes feel comforting. Know that even if things are hard, you are loved, seen, and supported. You matter and are needed. Keep fighting those thoughts. You know that you have a lot and people who love you in your life, including here, including me. Please don’t lose hope. You are valuable and you story matters. If you’d like to and feel comfortable to share more, please do. Love you, friend. We are here to support you.

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I totally get that. I’m a Dad, a husband, an employer and over the years it has felt almost like I would break me too. But it made me stronger maybe too. Life throws rocks at us sometimes. Dodge, duck dip and dive and just…stay. There are moment and friends and laughs in your future that make it all worth it. Hugs

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Hold Fast