Dream im so scared

i had a dream that i was riding my bike with my brother and hiss friends there was a huge storm coming are way and they went to park 5 minutes later the storm hit there is a tornado and massive hail like it was bad my mom went to go get him an she didnt comeback so then i was looking out door i open it for sum reason and the tornado winds rip me out and i woke up crying


hey @jordanth !
dreams are really weird. i have annoying dreams that make me want to never fell asleep anymore. but sleeping helps me cope. makes me forget about pain. nightmares are fine, we all have those…
keep strong!
bianka <3

Hey there Jordan,

I’ve struggled with dreams before as well, for me the really bad ones can sometimes induce full blown panic attacks, so I know what it’s like to wake up crying from these sorts of things.

The way I see it, dreams are our brain firing off randomly, and piecing together strange bits and pieces from our lives. I do believe they “mean” something, but I would say that it’s not the subject of the dream that’s important, but how you feel.

Maybe the subject is a sunny field filled with flows, but you feel nothing but dread and darkness. The dread and darkness is what matters, not the sunny field.

So for this dream, how did it make you feel when you were in it, not when you woke up. Were you scared, angry, upset? And for those feelings, how do they correlate to things going on in your life? Are you scared, angry, upset at things in your life too?

Once we can sort of piece together why we felt the way we did in our dreams, they tend to lose their teeth pretty quickly :slight_smile:

i just want it all to stop im tired of fighting them waking up and just hugging my gf bc im scarred my whole day i prolly ruined

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