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Drinking again because I don't have many friends or community

I wish I had a community of people in my life, in my city, in my church - friends who are more than surface level friends, who I could go deep with. Who I could call up and ask for prayer and share my heart if I needed to. Or who could hang out and go for hikes or walks around town or for coffee. I am so sick of this. So, tonight, as I oftentimes do, I’m consoling myself with a bottle of wine. To deal with the lack of community in this town, to ease the stress I’ve been under lately. Oh, how I wish I could just have “my people”. That would be all it would take to not be so tempted to indulge in alcohol. I just saw a video the other day on how rats in an experiment didn’t go after the heroin water when they had other rats to interact with. It was only when they were isolated, with no other rats in the cage, that they went back to the heroin water. I’m living proof that this experiment is true for humans as well. Only for me, it’s alcohol.


I know that this community is great for connecting with people from all walks of life, so this is a great place to start to build friendships in a safe space. The people here, I’ve found, will never hesitate to tell you they love you, and they will support you anyway they can.
Pretty much all my irl friends I met through my hobby of Lindyhop Swing. Depending on how big your city is, you might be to explore different interests where you can meet more people that may become your friends.

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Thank you for sharing and that sucks that your feeling like this. With that being said I can relate in my own way with my town and my church. You can always shoot me a message any time for prayer or to share whats going on. I really believe that prayer is powerful and whatever I can do to help let me know. It’s hard in life as I feel like we’re more “connected” then ever but not really in the sense of having deep relationships, especially at church (at least for me). @tromboness makes a great point about depending on the size of your community about finding similar hobby minded folks. I’ve had mixed results with that but at least if I didn’t make a connection I was hoping for I got to do something related to a hobby so it was a win in that sense.

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Did you try to reach out to one person?

May I ask what state and city you live in? if you live in a city try to get connected with social clubs or groups and try to be around positive people and avoid toxic people as much as possible because bad company can bring you down. I really hope you can get out of what your in. I will be praying for you my friend. If you need to talk I am here