Drinking all the time

I find myself drinking almost every single night. No one knows I’m drunk because I’ve become so good at hiding it. My wife doesn’t know but I feel like she may have an idea. I want to stop and lose this weight I have gained but I try and fail. I am that typical veteran who can’t stop drinking and and can’t deal with his problems. I want to stop drinking but I don’t know how. I hate myself for it. I hate it in the morning driving to work and then on the way home all I can think about is drinking. I need help in this fight.

Hey bro. Totally get you. One vet to another, I reached out and found a local Alcoholics Anonymous group. Literally everything you are describing is what they get after. Not a sappy power point slide or death by a thousand cuts. Raw strength through love and group therapy. It’s actually a lot of fun. Plus, you know as well as I do, getting out in front of something and getting after the solution is what we do! Working for me! Just my two cents.

Keep in touch!

AA saved me from myself. The group is full of others just like us. I highly recommend and is full of vets! Much love

Hey buddy,

You have started your rehab here, by sharing your burden.
As previous fellas mentioned, a tangible source of help is the key to get back on your feet.
Find a group where you could fit or a good therapist.
I am one of those addicts who is clean after years of drinking and taking drugs.
Realising that alcohol has become a problem is the most important part, most our brothers are drowning in addiction being sure that everything else is an issue.
Now you are fighting for yourself.
Stay strong in your fight brother.