Drowning in my sorrow cause I missed my chamce

So there was this girl that liked me some time ago and I also liked her, but I wasn’t really ready for a relationship, so she moved on and in the time she moved on I gain alot of feelings for her but she gained feelings for another guy and now she dating him. And I’m hurting inside to know shes with him and ever since I’ve been really down and I dont wanna continue with life without her, she makes me really happy. But I lost her. I became numb and lost all intrest in everything… I miss our long chats and our hangouts… I just wanna give up cause I’m a waste of space and time anyways


You are absolutely not a waste of time and space. I’m really sorry to hear your going through this tough time. I know its hard but try not to dwell on what you can’t control. Don’t dwell on what you should or shouldn’t have done yesterday. Try and devote time to positive things that are meaningful, productive, or bring you joy. You are most certainly worthy of love. Please don’t look at what happened as a failure either, it may not have worked as of yet but in the future you’ll have this experience the help guide a decision or action. Or maybe you you can even help someone in a similar situation.

You have support here

All the best,



Hey @Monke11,

Thank you so much for reaching out and being here. As our friend @ESS333 said: you’re not a waste of space and time. What you’re experiencing is tough and can trigger many negative thoughts about your worth, but this situation doesn’t define you.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. What you are experiencing is a loss. Your heart is grieving something that didn’t happen, because your timing and hers were different. It is unfortunate that you were not on the same page at the same time, but somehow it was out of your control. Life has its way sometimes to put people on our own journey, but we’re not always meant to build something with them at the moment. You were not ready, then it was her… you couldn’t know at first how things were going to be.

Give yourself the time and space to process this loss. There’s room for all your feelings, as they all have a reason to be given the circumstances. It feels hopeless and even pointless to keep learning to live, even without her, but it’s not. You need time to grieve properly. And through this, you don’t have to be alone. We are willing to support you and endure alongside you, as long as you are willing to share life with us. You’re not alone, friend. You’re not doomed to be single either. This is a very painful experience, but you will to thrive and grow stronger. Love is for you too, even if it has to be at a different time, or in a way that you didn’t envision at first. :hrtlegolove:

Hold fast. You matter and are cared for. :hrtlegolove:


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