Dumbo fat and ugly

self hatred
i hate myself so much, i really want to end it all,everyone says nasty horriable things to me , they hate me, i wish i was good enough for people, i wish i knew what friendship was, i have tried everything to show that i am hardworking but whatever i do is simply not good enough for anyone, what am i doing that is so wrong, feeling all sad, lonely and alone. why do i bother even being alive, when i know that no one wants me please help

Don’t give up I know the feeling of being used about two weeks ago my wife returned she stayed a week and 4 days and left again and I was feeling not good enough tired of being used by people then I decided it imma quit trying to please people to accept me it’s so far in 3 days I’m happy with myself so I know it’s hard so keep holding your head up and be pleased with yourself

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Sorry to hear that, I have to learn to to please people, an it is so tough

Please know your not alone

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