Dwarf Planet love - Also was locked out of my account

Was locked out of my account for maybe a week or less? Kept telling me I couldn’t log in from my ip address?

But in the meantime finally hunkered down and went through the last 1/2 of Dwarf Planet. Wow - thanks all. Wonderful book. Hugely helpful in a dark time for me. Still need to get in touch with one of my first mates but so helpful in getting my head right.

Doing my best to remind myself of how much stronger I will be from having gone through all this. And part about the Beatitudes - yes, we have blessings for the journey.

I have to say - I am in a darker place than I have been in a very, very long time. So certainly not easy but I am holding fast. Thanks all. Appreciate you.


Love this so much, nameredacted.

What a beautiful thing that you are finding courage in the midst of dark times. I’m proud of you for diving into what can feel so overwhelming and deciding, “Things can get better, and I am going to try.” What a beautiful thing to speak to your soul.

The IP issue should be resolved now (obviously you found a way through, which is great, but the root of the issue has now been fixed!). Happy reading/posting/exploring/growing!



Hi friend. That is so great that you worked through Dwarf Planet. Its such a great book isn’t it?! I am so happy for you that you found help in that. Wonderful.

Keep staying strong sweet friend. Know that you matter. You are a blessing. You are loved.

Also, I too got locked out of my account. I finally got through though!

But hey, I know that you are feeling like you are in a dark place right now…just know that if you need to talk about whats going on, you are always welcome to. Let the community encourage you and lift you up. Never be afraid to reach out. Okay?

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Thanks so much - I really appreciate your kind words. I think since I’m so new here … I guess I’m slow to dive in too deeply. Even though things seem to be existentially dark right now, I feel oddly ok most of the time. Almost like having a great flashlight for the dark journey. But not sure how exactly that is happening and almost afraid to talk about it for fear that I’ll suddenly be lost in it all. But will do soon - it’s deeply personal for me so much so that even though I have close friends and family, there is a hefty layer of shame involved and I fear the situation being judged. Yeah, I guess just general fear. <3

Hey, I totally get that. Completely. I have been there before, so I understand that shame and fear of being judged. Just know that, when you’re ready, it’s okay to talk here. And if you need to make a new account with a more anonymous username so you can talk freely without worry, that is also a valid option!

But take your time and only when you’re ready. Just know this is a safe place. So it’s okay to share what you are experiencing. You’d be surprised at how much people can be understanding and supportive even when we don’t think they will be.


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