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I just feel like i’m not able to be who i want to be without my mother telling me i’m wrong. she always is telling me that i need to change since i’m gay. it’s disheartening and i don’t know what to do.

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First there isnt anything wrong for being gay, for me being gay is the same like being heterosexual and etc ;so dont try to force yourself to being another one that isnt you , you need to be you. Sadly there would be people that wont like the way you are…but that they problem.

So I think that you need to talk to your mother and tell her how you are feeling. If she really loves you, she will accept you as you are.

There isnt anything wrong with you !

Take care :heart:

Hey friend,

I’m sorry you’re mom is treating you like you’d have to change. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. You’re not wrong. But your mom seems to have a hard time to understand that.

I don’t know how is your relationship with her, if it’s something you told her recently or not but I wish she would have a different reaction. And I hope, with all my heart, that she will change her mind and learn to understand that your happiness is all that matters here. It hurts when someone want you to be different than you are, and make you feel like you can only be loved under specific conditions… That’s not fair.

Do you think there is a possibility for both of you to discuss, in a calm and collected way, to share your mutual perspectives, respectfully? So maybe she could understand how you feel. Sometimes, people reject or deny others because they’re just afraid and don’t understand. They have wrong representations that comes from others, their education, their own insecurities, etc. And it becomes easier to push people away rather than discussing with them. I’m not saying she’s right here… But she certainly needs some pedagogy, to understand that there’s nothing wrong with being gay. Also that it’s actually awesome that you identified your sexual orientation and are okay with it! Many people struggle with crippling doubts and questions on this matter (I did, for a long time) and it’s a relief to get this sense of self-awareness. To be at peace with yourself. :hrtlegolove:

Again, there’s nothing wrong with you. You already know that. But as you said, this can be disheartening. So, I hope you don’t lose sight that you are loved and appreciated here! Regardless of your sexual orientation, regardless of your life circumstances. You are loved.

I hope things will get better between your mom and you. I hope the love she has for you will delete any sense of rejection in her heart.

Sending hugs your way. :hrtlegolove:

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