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DyllonKG Fan #11

In a time where I am sitting at my desk all the time, I think alot about the what ifs and the why shouldn’ts. I am an aspiring content creator but recently have been hit with a string of depression surrounding not feeling like I am good enough.


I know the feeling of thinking about what if’s and things like that but at some point if you keep thinking about that you are bound to overwhelm yourself with all the possibilities of things you could have or shouldn’t have done. It is normal to think about those things but not all the time. And i am so sorry you are feeling this way. Just know you are always gonna be helped here and i am always gonna be here to talk to. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH, your are loved and cared about, and strong enough to be making this post and saying how you feel. i am always here to help and support you. and if you have any other problems or things you just wanna let out im hereee for youuuuu


Hi !
Wow I know how you feel, sometimes by only being in my bedroom or in my desk, I start to overthink of What if ?, I shoudnt have done this or that… And the only thing that I get is so much suffering.

And you dont deserve to suffer for that, I know that isnt easy but you have to stop thinking about the What If and etc, my advice would be that when those though start coming up,try to think about something that you like to do or something like that.

You deserve to be happy :raised_hands:

Take care :heart:

From: stafflower

Hey friend, not feeling good enough is such a hard thing to experience and you’re experience is valid. You are loved and its okay to feel what you are feeling. Know that you are more than just the stream or the content you are involved in. You are uniquely you and someone who is irreplaceable. You are good enough because there is only one you with the reach you have in your community. You matter. Your content matters. But its okay to take time for yourself, too. You are loved.

We read your post on stream and responded. Thank you so much for posting this. It’s something a lot of us can relate to and it’s good for us all to talk about and help each other through it. Stay strong! Here’s a highlight of our response discussion