DyllonKG Fan #4

Felt alone while at work today. Was trying to plan things for TCon in my head and was reminded that I was traveling alone. Spiked some anxiety issues in me.

Man, can really suck to feel like you’re trying to make some kind of progress towards things you care about and then get completely hamstrung by a particular thought train or pain point…it’s like an achilles heel that can bring you down no matter how fast or strong you feel you’re going…and then it feels like all the progress you’ve fought to make just crashes down…to feel like at your core, there’s nothing you can do to make yourself be worthy to belong, to feel like at the end of the day no matter how hard you work on yourself or your relationships you end up alone…it’s this crazy depressing thing, man. I’m sorry that you got cut down with that swipe of loneliness, friend.

I’m glad you posted here so that you don’t have to bear that burden alone and so that we can stand together and physically show – you’re not alone. I see you, I hear you. I struggle with loneliness in so many circumstances too…especially when I’m surrounded by people that I think are better than me. I feel like I’m totally unworthy and even though I’m surrounded by humans, I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t belong…like at some point they’re going to discover that I’m here and expose me for the fraud I am that I don’t even deserve to be around them…I get hamstrung by those isolating thoughts when I’m trying to form relationships too…point being, I’m right there with you. And maybe if we stand together, we will be less alone that way.