Ease my mind (Leaving for bootcamp)

I am leaving tomorrow for bootcamp and to be honest I am scared. It is 8 weeks long but possibly longer if i manage to fail one of the physical fitness tests. My dad was in the coast guard and what i am most afraid of is managing to get sent home and being a failure. I just hope things go by quick. I am confident in my classwork because i have memorized all my general orders, military time, phonetic alphabet, and the ethos. I have been doing the push ups and sit ups at home to prepare and i passed the push ups every time. I am mainly struggling with the sit ups but i am close to the requirements. I am also worried about the run, i have to run a mile and a half in 12:51. I had been running a mile every day but i think i gave myself shin splints or something. It wasn’t until today that my ankles have started to feel better. I’m just getting in my own head and I’m super nervous. I could use all the support i can get.


Hi there, @Drinkyamilk7290 :people_hugging:

Fear and nerves are natural before you embark on such a significant journey, especially when it’s as demanding as bootcamp. Uncertainties will exist, but it’s okay to be unsure about what lies ahead. I think you would find that if you spoke to the other people participating in the bootcamp with you, you aren’t alone. Many of your fellow recruits will face similar doubts and fears before starting their training. However, there’s no turning back now! You’ve done a lot of preparation and you’ve dedicated a lot of time. I have faith that you will succeed in this challenge. You have the knowledge and skills needed to do well.

I don’t think anybody truthfully gets top marks when it comes to physical fitness, and I think that’s important to remember. Everybody is different. However, pushing yourself too hard can cause injury, so it’s important to listen to your body. You want to preserve as much energy as you can before going away to camp. Keep actively working on your fitness, and every day you’ll notice little improvements.

It’s okay to feel nervous and get in your own head, but try not to let those thoughts consume you. Focus on the progress you’ve made, the support you have from loved ones, and the opportunity ahead to challenge yourself and grow. You have already shown resilience and determination, qualities that will serve you well in bootcamp and beyond.

You’ve got this! Have faith, believe in yourself and stay focused! :star2:

This message will come to you as you are in the bootcamp already, so I hope with all my heart that things are going well right now, that you are acclimating well and have had the possibility to feel even more confident already.

It’s understandable that while getting closer and closer to an important change like these, a tons of fears start to appear and make us doubt oursleves or even to want to go back and give up on our goals. This is a silly example, but when I first started to go to therapy, the more the day of our appointment was approaching, the less I was able to think clearly as the stress was overwhelming and somehow paralyzing. When an important date approaches it feels a lot more real and present. My heart goes out to you as you were navigating through those feelings and seeking reassurance.

Through what you have share, something that is also absolutely visible is how much you care about this, how much you are devoted to it, how much you want to succeed and do well, and that you have been taking steps towards ensuring that success. It’s amazing that you are giving yourself the means to get where you want to be. That alone is worth celebrating! Rest assured that we are all proud of you here, and we only wish you all the best moving forward.

No matter how things evolve and what comes out of this experience: you will be okay, and you got this. You are trying, so you will only learn from there. No way to fail as long as you try. I believe in you. :heart: