Eating Disorder?

This is kind of weird for me to talk about and explain but I think I might be developing an eating disorder but I honestly don’t know. Lately my eating habits have changed a lot compared to how they use to be. However it doesn’t feel like a big deal for myself. Instead of eating my usual three meals a day with some snacks in between. I’ve gotten to the point where I only eat one meal a day and it’s usually not a big meal either. For example today I didn’t eat til 9p.m and it was some nuggets I bought but I had to throw some of them away because I couldn’t eat it all and I knew I wouldn’t want to later. And the strange part is I’ll feel hungry and it’s obvious that my body wants me to eat. I just don’t have the desire to. I enjoy food still I just kinda feel eh about having to eat and I’m not sure if that’s a sign because I’ve tried to look it up and I don’t have a straight answer for it.


I’ve gone through times of eating lots, and times of eating nothing. I attribute mine more to my depression, anxiety, and body image stuff. Like I don’t necessarily have any focus or plan of binging or starving. I just fall into different eating habits based on my mental. I also have, like, huge health kicks where I do great. If you have no other outer lying issues, and your eating little continues for too long a period of time, I would definitely explore getting nutrition help. It could also be something physically/internally wrong. I feel like I’m always some one in search of more details before I jump into saying something is, or isn’t something. Anyways, I hope you feel better regardless of what’s bothering you or isn’t.

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I have no experience with eating disorders, so I have no advice there. But I have been in the same boat you’re in right now, especially when I’m just exhausted - mentally and physically. It’s like shutting down, in some sense. Sometimes, I’ll only eat one or two small things a day.

My suggestion is to look into protein/meal replacement shakes. I’m not recommending this for all the time, but for the days where you just don’t feel like eating - this way you’re still receiving nutrition. If not eating becomes more and more of an issue, a visit with a Dietician might be something you’d want to look into for help.

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I also have these things laying around. Sometimes I even eat my protein bar slow but it’s dense. BIG 100 crunch is my favorite

From what I’ve heard secondhand, I think disordered eating is about your relationship with food–whether you turn to it for comfort or reject it as an enemy. What you’re describing sounds more like anhedonia or apathy, which are symptoms of depression. You don’t hate food, you’re not codependent on food, it sounds like you just don’t care. Sometimes it’s just hard to put food in your mouth. It’s not physically healthy, but I wouldn’t psych yourself out worrying about an eating disorder.

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Hey @Kellyr0518,

Thank you so much for being here. It’s really positive to be aware of what’s going on with your eating habits.

First off, I have to say that nothing would replace a good conversation with a doctor on this matter and that is something I’d like to encourage you to do! Just because we are not professionals, and no diagnosis could be established here. It’s only about personal experiences and perspectives.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been struggling with eating disorders for a long time, and to me it sounds that what you’re experiencing is more a loss of interest in eating. Even if it’s about food, that sounds to be different from an eating disorder for which there’s also a dimension of control of your body and a repeated cycle of guilt/shame etc. This lack of desire to eat can be due to many different reasons. It’s really common when we are depressed for example. When you lack of meaning, motivation, energy in your life, it can be hard to find the strength to treat yourself well and fuel your body with what it needs. Might also be due to the change of season that affects many of us and make us feel more depressed. Or a stressful situation/something that happened in your life. Just some thoughts.

Again, it would be awesome to see your doctor and see with them what could be the reason of this, both physically and emotionally. They’d be more equiped to respond to you, see what your body needs and guide you. :wink:

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