Eating disorder

Hi everyone. First post and its really hard for me to say this. I spend several days and weeks trying to put this into a paragraph that i feel safe saying. Ever since about a year or two i got super sick and couldn’t keep anything down. i lost about 60 - 80 pounds and the doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. eventually that was sorted out on special diets and stuff. anyways since them ive been eating everything since i forgot the taste of everything since i felt so close to death. Now im over 300 and cant break it. I want to eat healthier but even if i say to myself ill eat this i do then order something or find something else to eat. How can i deal with this as i hate my body image and i hate who i have become. what can i do do i need professional help?

thanks for reading this.


I do not know how to help you friend but I can be here for your journey. :slight_smile:
You are beautiful, you are valuable, and you are loved.

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Hey friend !! If you feel you need help for sure reach out to your doctor ! The first step is acknowledging that you want to better yourself so that is awesome. I cannot say I can completely relate but my anxiety has caused me to loose weight before. It makes me sick and when it is bad I throw up often and struggle with eating. For me completely turning my diet around and eating healthier helped a lot. Healthy eating habits can be hard to get used to. When you don’t know much about eating better you think eating well is “Oh. Time to go eat a bowl of broccoli” Haha there actually are so many good options! Find what you like and your preference in healthy meals and it will make things so much better. Also meal prepping on the weekends. Get everything you need for the following week ready on sundays or something. Goodluck!! Keep us informed <3

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Hi I have reached out to the doctor and her
Response is loose weight won’t help me at all. I asked my therapist and she said she would get back to me and nothing still. I know I need help and I’m good with my gf around but she’s only here on weekends every 2 weeks due to being a nurse. So I don’t know where to go from there.

Well if you want to start eating healthier anyway you should go for it. You seem to really care about that right now. As long as you arent starving yourself or being unhealthy :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s the thing. I try and motivate myself and be good. Then in the evening all hell breaks loose and nothing that is bolted down is safe. That’s the issue I’m having with.

Hey @Darkswat - the HeartSupport Houston team responded to your post here. Hold Fast friend, and lean on our community.

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Hi all and thank you. I have not seen your sources yet that you were going to link. I’m actually Canadian. I would love for you guys to follow along and give me some guidance. I think it’s more stress of my folks since we lost my grandfather due to being overweight and having health issues as well. There is also a wedding coming up for my sister that I think is not helping the situation. Looking to the resources you sent me. I’m planning on making some of these changes slowly especially the pop one. Thank you so much!


Hey @Darkswat - I’ll be posting them soon!

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Thank you so much for posting. People with eating disorders are so filled with shame, that it’s rare to experience the courage it takes to be vulnerable with food issues, so thank you again for your post and courage.
Eating disorders require a lot of support. With drugs and alcohol one can eliminate the drugs or alcohol, as hard as that is to achieve, but with food, we must eat to survive so one must continually be exposed to the ‘addiction’ and must work to regulate consumption. I would encourage you to get all the help you need.
Maybe it might be a time to reflect on the “super sick” experience you had, as from your post, this eating disorder seems to stem from that event. Feeling close to death, may have left indelible impressions on your mind around food.
Like many of us, you’ve got struggles. Be gentle with yourself as you work through this difficult addiction, and begin to heal, and keep reaching out. Peace

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That’s for the kind words. I actually sent this to my gf since she understood and try’s but doesn’t fully understand what I go thorough. Yes me getting super sick was scary and I don’t wish that on anyone even bad people since it took a year to few years to sort out. Still some symptoms remain but nothing like they used to be. Yes maybe there should be an eating step group thing like aa for people like me? Just a thought but since they have gambling and aa why not something like this for eating. I would like to thank everyone for the support I have been shown.

This group may be what you’re looking for… but if not, they may be able to help you find something more suited to your needs. :heart:

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This community is great. But more resources the better!!! Thanks for that!

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Hey @Darkswat - resources as promised!

Here is our main resources page - I would take some time to go through it and see if any of the options work for you. I’d look at it through the lens of 1) Navigating an eating disorder and 2) Digging deeper to discover where it comes from - some form of depression or anxiety? And then checking out the workbooks there.

I’d recommend this blog by @Sledge, and this one from me.

Ultimately I recommend you get involved with our Twitch community in the Discord and when they go live. In there you can ask questions and talk to others who may be sharing in what you’re going through.

We’ll also have some mental health workshop classes coming up that I recommend you register for - I’d stay tuned to our social media for those.

Hold Fast friend; we got you.

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Thanks for the resources I’m spending this week to look at everything and start my journey. Thanks for the support all!


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