Eating disorder?

I’m having issues eating for some reason? Every once in a while my body kinda shuts down and I can’t really eat, it’s my way to prevent getting sick I guess. I eat the same amount as expected, 3 meals and some snacks, but for some reason that always make me feel sick. I learned at a mental hospital that I’m eating to much for myself, because I started eating about 1 meal a day, spread out, and it made me feel better, what’s going on?


Hey @Alex08 :hugs:

First of all, it’s important to remember that I am not a medical professional and I’m not here to give medical advice.

I’m sorry to hear your eating habits are challenging you at the moment. It sounds like you’ve been to great difficulty in finding a balance that works just right for you, both physically and emotionally. As you’ll know, everybody has a unique relationship with food, and it can have many layers, making it extremely complicated. However, that doesn’t invalidate you.

I understand that it’s frustrating and confusing when eating patterns change, but it’s positive you’ve reflected on this and want to understand. Your description where you say your body shuts down is somewhat concerning for me. There could be many reasons why your having difficulty eating - which could be due to physical discomfort, anxiety or a disorder like you alluded to. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what it could be, but I do really feel for you.

It’s clear that your body responds better and worse to certain eating habits - such as eating smaller, more spread out meals. I’m happy that you’ve found a routine that seems to work for you. However, these changes seem extensive and it’s always a good idea to consult with healthcare professionals before making any big decisions or changes.

Given your mention of having learned about your eating habits during your time at a mental hospital, it’s evident that you’ve already taken steps towards understanding and managing your relationship with food. It’s important to continue prioritizing your mental and physical well-being by seeking support from qualified healthcare professionals who can offer personalized guidance and assistance.

Hope this helps you :blue_heart:

Hey @EvilGenius That is a little helpful. My only issue, really, is talking to healthcare professionals. My step-mother gets really angry if I do end up losing weight, which is why I’ve been forcing myself to eat. I cant talk to a professional because I haven’t even seen a doctor in 2 years, which was when I went to the hospital, and before that I don’t know how long, meaning I don’t get to even talk to any doctor. I’m actually gonna be going to college in a couple years, which means that when I do, I want to try and figure everything out. My body shutting down has happened forever, I cant explain when it started, but the eating thing started, actually, about 6-8 years ago (give or take).

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Hi @Alex08 :hugs:

Talking to healthcare professionals can indeed be scary.

When somebody doesn’t support you in taking care of yourself, it can indeed be hard. Especially given that you cannot see a doctor regularly. Especially when it’s physical health.

Getting help before you head off to college is important. Your health is priority and you deserve to have the support and resources to help you thrive.

You aren’t alone in this journey :orange_heart:

@EvilGenius Thank you, I appreciate hearing that. I believe it’s better for me to get help later than never, so Im gonna hold off until College