Eating issues

So im not trying to make this such a big deal. One of the things i had issues with due to my own mental health was my weight i always felt “okay” with my weight i use to be around 109 pounds at 20 years old . since this quarentine had started i got sick once lost about 8 pounds gained like 2 pounds then lost it again and im back at 101 pounds. What the heck am i doing wrong? is it because im not eating enough or barely eating at all. i dont know what to do i need help.


If you think it’s something serious maybe you should go to a doctor
Are you eating the same or less?

If you feel like you’re depressed try to cope with it differently rather than harming yourself and preventing from eating normally
Keep track of how much calories you should intake each day
It’s normally 2000

Best wishes :slight_smile:

hey thanks for responding the only reason why i am concerned is because of how low the number is , yes i do eat i just dont have my mind set on eating i have a pan to fix it , i have alarms set for every 4 hours to get me to eat . to hopefully get me to eat and see where my weight is. i hope this works

That’s nice to hear :slight_smile:

Make sure what you’re eating is enough portion
If you ever feel the need to talk to someone you can message me :slight_smile:
Eating late definitely helps too lol
Best of luck

I definitely agree with eating late helps, make sure you are eating a lot of proteins, as well as trying boost shakes with high calories in them.
Boost Shake w/High Calories
Also portion meals out to 6 small meals a day.