Ed behaviour free for one week, 8 days today

Hello. I have been so busy with so much. Oh where to begin. First, I found this fellow streamer/instagramer. her name is Jane Lew. her user is janelew1999. I mentioned that to Eugenia. she recognized the name, I found her through Eugenia’s insta page. she tagged her in several photos/videos. so many people are so concerned about Jane. :(. it just breaks my heart and anyone can be cruel. both to eugenia and jane. i havent been here in awhile, so sorry.

the longest ed behaviour free was 37 days. got somethings i would like to try to do in the mean time. more exercise and physical activitity. also self care, such as cleaning/washing my face, etc…


Indeed, people can be very mean and cruel online. It’s sad that such things happen. Thankfully, as individuals we can always try to change the rules and share the love. :slight_smile:

Congratulations for your 8 days free! And 37 days is definitely a huge success too! You’re doing great, friend. Step by step. And the fact that you want to focus more on self-care can only bring some good to you. Even the smallest actions can make your day brighter and make you feel better!

If I may ask: what has been helping you during these days of recovery? It could be interesting to identify what works for you and to keep focusing on it.

Thank you for sharing all of this, @Reeree. I wish you a wonderful day! Take care. :heart:

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Hi there @Reeree, thank you for sharing!

It can be a really cruel world amongst the anonymity of the internet and the power that gives people with harmful opinions. It sounds like you are on your own journey too, and we are here cheering you on. :hrtlegolove: