Ehh idk what this is

why can’t i ever cry anymore without feeling extremely nauseous a few minutes in?? i have to force myself to stop crying and i hate it because i just want to cry sometimes because i often bottle up all of my emotions but i can’t even do that because i just end up feeling sick :confused:

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Hey there,
I definitely understand that feeling! It’s like you know you need to cry but because it’s so built up its such an intense cry that it just makes you feel sick and takes a toll on your body, yet bottling everything up also takes its toll on our bodies too. Emotions are very powerful and they do effect us physically so it makes sense why you would be having physical reactions to an emotional release like crying.

I wonder if journaling could be helpful to you so that things aren’t bottled up so much so then you could be able to cry without it being so intense that you feel so sick? That way you’re able to cry when you need to and aren’t bottling things up to avoid crying. That way, the emotions get put down on paper and aren’t overwhelming you internally as much.

Hannah Rhodes

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