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Emetophobia... have you heard of it?


Emetophobia… have you heard of it?


It’s the fear of committing, right? @cornwall_uk


Hi, no not a fear of committing, it is a life controlling irrational fear of vomiting, both the physical act of and it happening in a public place.


Oh goodness! I absolutely meant “vomiting” but I didn’t see that autocorrect, sorry!


Never heard the scientific name for it but it’s something quite frequent. If you’re struggling with this issue, try reaching out to a friend or family member and eventually seek professional help.
If you don’t but know someone who does, help him/her out.

Love you ╳


Hi, I have had it for about 30years now so I’ve developed some effective coping mechanisms. In some ways they are like putting a band aid on a broken arm, especially as I am a father of two young girls and have become increasingly restricted. My wife, family and friends are aware of my emetophobia and I have had professional help in various ways over the years but nothing has ‘worked’. I feel that more awareness needs to be brought to the phobia so people don’t feel the need to hide it or be embarrassed about it… but it is such a difficult thing to talk about…