Emotional vampires

Emotional vampires are becoming to common and are hard to spot until it’s to late they drain you of your positive energy your light and leave you when you are done feeding there egos etc. Whatever they were trying to get from you . The thing is that its becoming very damaging sense its becoming so common its getting harder to now even trust people and even talk to people because of these emotional vampires I’m now at the point where I don’t want to talk to anyone because I’m starting feel like people just want to use you and when they are done with you they just disappear and don’t even see what damage they caused the scary thing again is its starting to happen alot and I blame social media for most of it


Imagine craving love while being incapable of recognizing or receiving it. I think that’s often the case with energy vampires. They are driven to seek attention and manipulate others because they believe that is the only form of acknowledgment they can receive.

People in caring professions attract energy vampires, then they often feel overwhelmed or burned out, even bitter at times. Then they will defensively detach themselves emotionally from those to whom they are providing care. That’s why in medical facilities you will see some very caring staff, and others who are clearly emotionally distant.

Many of those who survive with their open heart and empathy intact, have come to realize that the positive energy they share is not limited to what’s available within their own skin. They feel connected to a strength beyond their own, and feel that there is no humanly imposed limit to that strength. Energy vampires cannot suck the strength out of such people.

So, some people end up feeling drained while others feel they cannot be drained. If you become aware that you cannot be drained, energy vampires can do their damnedest to mess you up, but you will remain okay emotionally.

Vampires expect to use people, to wear them down, and then, as you say, disappear. When vampires encounter someone who is impervious to their attempts at emotional blackmail, they usually move on.

There is a great deal of challenge and reward in being able to maintain an open heart and empathy, even towards emotional vampires. After all, something in their lives happened to mess them up. Hardening your heart towards them only reinforces their compulsion to use and drain others.

There are some really crappy things happening on social media, but keep in mind, you are reading this on social media. It’s not all bad. You just need to know where the crap is so you can avoid it.

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Hey @Joegrizzly,

It sounds like you were really hurt by some people in your life, and I’m truly sorry for that. This feeling of being “loved” by someone just to realize that it was only to be used is so heartbreaking. You expect them to see you, to genuinely care for the person that you are, not to just be interested in what you could offer them. It’s even more painful when those people don’t even understand or realize the pain they’ve caused, whether it’s because the way they interact is something they’ve learned, or because they’re not ready to acknowledge the consequences of their actions.

After being disappointed and hurt in such a brutal way, trust becomes hard to give again. How you feel makes sense, friend. That’s actually the most human reaction you could have. Many times I have felt used by others in my life, to the point of throwing myself in this situation, so at least I would be the one in control, I would be the one who gets to decide if I would be used or not. Feeling differently is so hard, and as much as we all have our own perception of our own ego, I find it hard to trust people who seem to be motivated by their own interest through all the things they do.

It is good to keep in mind that ultimately we are all humans though. We are all flawed. And the tendency for someone to be too focused on their ego is something that can be unlearned too, with the help of people who would let them know that something different is actually possible. For so many people, being self-centered is also a way to survive in this wild world. Once you get to know someone, their story, it becomes easier to understand them and share life with them, even if you disagree with some of the things they do or say.

In any case, please don’t let past experiences make you shut down, away from everything and everyone. That wouldn’t be fair to you and to the people you might encounter in the future. Trust is something incredibly precious. Something to cherish and handle carefully. But there is still a part of risk to take, and sometimes it happens to be incredibly worth the try, as people can reveal an insane amount of beauty once we really know them. :hrtlegolove:

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