Employment interview

Guys I’ve been depressed lately because I haven’t been able to find employment… and now suddenly I have an interview to get an internship. I am freaking out… Can anyone recommend any suggestions on how to ace the interview and to ease my anxiety.

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First off congratulations on landing an interview! That’s big! Be proud of yourself!

Second, BREATHE! You are worthy of this job, look - you landed an interview!

Make sure you do your research on the company before going in so you know what to expect. Have a business type outfit picked out and ready to go day of. Something you feel comfortable in. Start looking up general interview questions and practice working on your answers. Say them out loud or to a friend/family member. Practice some back and forth questions/answering.

From my experience, Always go in prepared to answer these 2 specific questions - What is one of your biggest strengths? And What is one of your biggest weaknesses.

Be confident when you speak and sit up straight and show that you want this job. You want to make them feel like they need you!

Good luck! You got this!!

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Hi there!

My biggest recommendation is to practice interview questions they might ask you. It will help you think about what to say to certain questions and what not to say. Here is a good video to watch on interview questions https://youtu.be/1mHjMNZZvFo

Good luck!!

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What I can advise you is ask questions too. If you get confused, ask the interviewer for clarification. I done that in my previous interviews. You’ll be fine. I believe you will do great.