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Pretty much all day long I just feel empty/numb. I don’t feel anything, in a way. No emotions. I used to deal with it by using marijuana. It was a huge help. It made me feel like I was full, and I could feel emotions. It inspired me to go stuff and be creative. My wife doesn’t agree with marijuana, so I quit when we started dating years ago. I have an amazing wife and son, house, job, healthy, but I’m back to that emptiness ever since I quit. I started using it again (years later) and now it is causing problems in my marriage, but it’s hard to let go of something when it makes me feel like everything ive wanted to feel. It’s hard to explain… any suggestions? I know I should quit because I do love my wife so much, I just wish she understood and would be ok with it I guess


It’s tough to deal with feeling numb. I know that for some people weed can help them with their diagnose. I know that this is though a very unpopular answer everywhere.

If your family doesn’t want you to use it and you made that agreement than I am pretty sure you don’t want to break that, because of the consequences. Instead of the stuff you will have to find something else that will fill in that void.

Often feeling numb means you are cropping your emotions up and you need to let them out and perhaps cry a bunch. You could go past every possible emotion and ask yourself… am I … angry? am I… sad? am I… ? etc.

and giving each emotion time to be felt through your body.

Another option would be to have a let-out, like sports or a hobby that gives you something back.

Naturally I am not a therapist and cannot really advise you, so therefore I just want to let you know that I understand your situation and that you are loved and respected.


I think you should try to find a different way to cope, and a something else that can help you to feel better. I know you have found that weed helps you, but it sounds like you recognize that you have amazing people/things in your life. I’m sure these things are more important to you than weed. However, you don’t deserve to just hold everything in and feel numb. I would talk to your doctor, or if you don’t have an established provider, I would make an appointment and see someone. I don’t know your history with mental health or with prescriptions for mental health, but they can absolutely help you figure out what works for you. Also, counseling is always a good option and something to never be ashamed of. Counseling can help everyone, even those not actively struggling. I hope things get better for you.


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