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Hey all, some of you may have seen my struggles and problems posted here. Today, however, I want to share some hope that found after last night.
In the past my post have been about porn/sex addiction problems. I’ve slept with an escort and watched porn for years, so the addiction is strong.
I also believe in Jesus and always wondered why he wouldn’t just stop me in times when I was about to commit to a a sin?
The truth is he was, I just wasn’t listening or was weak in faith.
Last night I had committed myself to sleeping with another escort. I kept hearing no don’t do it but my mind was made up. I got all the way to where the escort was located and again Jesus reached out. Through all the fog in my brain and hardness of my heart he broke through. This time I finally listened and turned around and went home. It was tough because I wanted what I wanted, but once I left I felt accomplished and proud and loved.

My point is that Jesus will help you even in difficult situations. Sometimes we don’t listen because we think that we know what’s better.

Keep praying, keep trusting, listen to that voice that’s telling you what’s wrong or right. At the end of the day I’m still a sinner and addicted, but I have a lot more hope and trust than before. I can’t tell you I felt this overwhelming feeling that was incredible which is what stopped me. No, the feeling for the first 5-10 minutes after leaving I was mad, frustrated, and confused. But, I’m so thankful that Jesus saved me from the situation.

To all who are struggling, believers or nonbelievers, I want you to know that there is hope.

I hope this helps someone and thank you for taking the time to read

Heartsupport and the community is great.


That’ s great friend! Progress! It can be hard to turn away from things we are tempted to go after. It can be hard to let go of things we are addicted to are attached to on an unhealthy level, but the strength is there! We just have to find it!

Good for you for finding the strength and courage to go home. I know it’s not easy. Hopefully you can continue to find that strength inside of you to keep on fighting. Over time it’ll become easier. Especially if you fill your time with other things that you love and are passionate about.

It’s natural as a human to crave intimacy and companionship. We all get lonely. But these things will come in time. Focus on all of the things that build a healthy routine and life style for you, and naturally these things will find their way to you and work themselves out.

Thanks for sharing friend. You are loved and valued.

  • Kitty


This is so heartwarming. :heart: I’m not a believer but your message goes straight to my heart.
Thank you for sharing. You’ve made such a huge step. So proud of you for this.

Much love to you.


Hey thanks for reading, I’m glad it had a positive impact on you. =)


Thanks, I know it will get easier and I have a lot more confidence now. Strange gaining so much confidence when I had very little a night before haha. Thanks for reading and posting =)