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End my suffering please


I really just want to die right now.

I left an essay that I am rushing to do at 9:33 pm and I’m in the middle of a mental breakdown mixed with an anxiety attack.

I think about everything. Every little thing.

Anxiety really REALLY freaking sucks and I can’t take it anymore.

I feel dead, I feel defeated.

Right now I can just think of that person who didn’t reply to me and I just think did I make them mad? Am I just a shit person? What did I do wrong???

But it’s just overthinking and it is killing me.

I feel so freaking weak and so stupid and I just feel alone.

I reach out too much and my problems are just stupid and honestly no one freaking cares.

I don’t care anymore. I just want to cry and all of these thoughts just make me want to cut myself honestly. It’s all I can think of right now.

I wish mental health days were a thing but of course they aren’t.

I know I have to keep fighting I KNOW BUT IT’S GETTING REALLY FREAKING HARD.

I feel SO FREAKING ALONE AND I Shouldn’t FEEL THAT WAY. I just feel so fucking stupid.

I just want to freaking die.


Hang in there you got this, take a step back and breathe. Whatever you got going on take a break and go for a hike, listen to music, something that will calm you down and slow all those thoughts. I’ve know how it feels just take a breath, slow all those thoughts down so you can ficus on just one. Personally a walk one the park maybe some music and some fresh air helps take the edge off so I’m not so overwhelmed


Slow down, friend. We all have days that we screw up and things fall to crap. Especially me. It is usual to feel defeated after something like this.

This doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Your problem is not insignificant. So don’t be afraid to reach out. I often feel like that too. But honestly, it is better than keeping it to yourself.

Maybe ask for more time if it’s not too late. And take a moment to breathe you can’t think straight when your burnt out and stressed. Also, I know its hard for you to find the will to live at the moment but things will improve.

Hold fast I believe in you


Thanks guys. Appreciate you.


Hey hey… it’s ok. People have days like this, it’ll be ok. If you need someone to talk to message me I’m new here so idk if there is a place to message someone


Hey lyss, I love you my friend. I’ll walk with you every step of the way if that’s what it takes to end your suffering. Your life is not an equivalent to your suffering and your life is precious. Without you many people would be suffering in great quantities than words can explain.
It’s okay to make mistakes and even more important than that it’s okay to not be okay. I appreciate you buddy, i’d be lost without you.