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End of quite a year

Well hear we are. The last day of 2021 and what a year its been in so many ways.

For me, I figured this year was just going to be yet another long one, just another year of “Im ok thanks” knowing full well that you are absoluely and completely nothing and if you ceased to exist it wouldnt actually matter because you dont do anything anyway. BUT… no… life changed and it changed in a way I could never have imagined, finding HeartSupport has literally changed my life, that sounds so cheesy but its true. Although the first stream I saw was Caseyscreamsback and he was doing twitchdad which to be honest made me wonder what on earth was going on. lol To cut a long story Short, I came here to write a post and suddenly all these strangers were responding to me, people cared and I didnt really know why but it was so overwhelming that they did.
I dont remember when I decided that I had to do that too but I know it was really important to me that I did. So that was that, replies started, friendships started. Swat groups began. It has all happened in such a short period of time but it feels like I have been doing this for years. I have made friends here that I will hold in my heart forever, @Micro @Mystrose @twixremix @Ashwell @Wings @Paladine @Bimini @DustintheWind @SuchBlue @miketek just to name but a few you have all been such a massive amazing part of this year, I am beyond proud of SWAT6 and all of you guys who come and take part, you make it such a joy to lead every week. I have had the pleasure of being able to respond to so many people on here and hope i have been able to contribute to that moment that I felt back at the beginning of someone does care.
So with all that said, What is the New Year going to bring? who knows, im not going to speculate. all I will say to you all is WE MADE IT!!! and im proud of each and every single one of you. I hope that 2022 is kind to us all and I love you all very very much.
You are Loved
You all Matter a great deal
Happy New Year
Lisa :heart:


I did think about not naming people because I knew some would get left out and now I see there are people ok. Im so sorry. @Sita @StarFox @Danjo of course, my goodness of all the people I could have not put in that post (I am so sorry) @Kitboga its ok this is not another post you have to respond to but if I hadnt been on your twitch I wouldnt have found heartsupport so Thank you. x


I love you so very much, and I’m so freaking proud of you @Lisaw1973.

Words are not enough, really. So much growth has happened in your life in such a short amount of time. Never forget that it is a strength and beauty that has always been a part of you. Sometimes we just need the right environment to open our wings fearlessly (or almost!).

You really are an incredible human being, and I am so grateful for knowing you.

Can’t wait to see what 2022 has to offer to you. :hrtlegolove:


Thank you for being who you are, Lisa. I hope that 2022 will bring us even more fun. We love you :hrtlegolove: :heart:


Thank you @Lisaw1973

You are a lovely person and I’m so grateful that we have become friends. Much love :hrtlegolove:


LOVE YOU LISAAAA! 2021 was a legendary year because i got to meet you, laugh with you, and be friends with you. thank you for bringing love, joy, and support to so many this year and i’m so excited for the year ahead. happy new year, lisa, i’ll talk to ya later today at your awesome swat meet!! :blue_heart:


@Lisaw1973 you are the BEST !! I’m so happy you invited me and I’m so glad I found you all through Kit!! This is an amazing community and I’m proud to be apart of it! Looking forward to all we accomplish together as family!! much love and light to you Lisa!


Thank you for your support even though it’s only been a short period of time, I appreciate it


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