Ending it soon. But I want to help those in need before I go

I don’t want you to be sad. Or feel alone.
I want to help and be there for you.
Whoever needs a friend to talk to,
please don’t hesitate to contact me.
I’m here for you.
You’ll make it through,
believe me.


I see how much you deeply care about others. I don’t know what you are going through but I do know you are allowed to have others support you and care about you. You don’t have to carry these burdens alone. You arent alone. You matter and have value and so much to offer this world. It’s okay to no be okay to take care of you. To put your mental health first. You deserve to see anothrr sunrise or sunset. To live another day. Pain does pass and things can get better even if it takes time. Please keep reaching out and fighting another moment at a time.


It’s extremely noble that you want to be here to help folks. Weremalso hear for you. Life is definitely hard and I don’t know what’s on your plate but we’re all here to help carry the burdens that are on your shoulders.


I greatly appreciate it. I’m not going through pain, just a decision I’m choosing to make. But are you okay? We can always talk about whatever you want or whatever is troubling you.

I appreciate that, and life can be challenging. But I’m okay, just worried about you. What’s going on?

Glad your not in pain and really hope this decision is something out and you just know it’s okay to let others be there for you if you going through things even if you aren’t in pain. It’s great you want to be there for others but it’s also okay to take care of you. I’ll be okay. Things are looking up.

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Not much going here. Kind of a stressful work week but trying to keep it all in perspective, see the small victories.

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I understand, I’m happy things are picking up for you. I’ll leave you a message.

I definitely hear ya on that. I think you’ll see more victories in the upcoming week. I’ll leave you a message.

Hey Marcus,

I was wondering what you mean by “ending it” and “before I go”… if you are having thoughts feel free to talk about it here if you want and also I would recommend going to the HS discord at discord.gg/heartsupport and using the resources in the #Crisis-resource section. You are loved.

Hope this helps,

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I can’t really take your word that I’ll make it through if you don’t believe it enough to apply it to yourself. Really odd questions: Who are you mad at? Who do you want to hurt? By far most people who commit suicide plan who is going to find their body and who will find the note. This is known because suicide fails most of the time and survivors can answer questions. Who are you mad at and is it worth killing yourself just to make them hurt when so many other, cheaper, ways of hurting people exist? Are you even going to be mad at this person in three months? Do you know what else every single one of those suicide survivors said, if they said anything at all? That they regretted it.


Very good point, can not deny that. There’s no issue with me, just trying to help some people out. I’ll leave you a message.

Appreciate the comment. I’ll check out the discord. You are loved as well.

It is very good that you are thinking of helping others who are in need.

Will you let others help you, though? (you are clearly in great need too, friend.)

By committing suicide, you would make people who care about you very sad, distressed and depressed, maybe even guilty… Do you really want to do that to them?

Things can seem hopeless, but that doesn’t mean they are. Many a person has almost completely given up, only to be glad they didn’t a few months or years down the road.

The World would also be a lesser place with one less caring and kind person in it mate!

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There is some truth to that. I agree with you. I’ll leave you a message to see how everything is going for you. Appreciate the thoughtful comment.

I definitely need a friend right now. Thank u so much for caring about others. PLEASE don’t end it you are loved and needed no matter how much it seems like you’re not.