Epilepsy, Cancer, Single Father and Music

Since the age of 17 i was diagnosed with epilepsy, causing a major change in my life, however I managed to overcome with the situation, happily I was cured at the age of 24, sadly, along the road I was diagnosed with Cancer in several of my neck glands, it took 3 years to overcome cancer and happily regain many things I was not able to do or enjoy, on the other hand I’m a single dad of 2 beautiful daughters (4&11 yo), I dont live with them due to some personal problems with their mother, I do see them but sadly not enough, I miss them everyday, even though I defeated cancer and epilepsy, I was left with traumas, fears, insecurities and some other things that are collateral consequences of living through those diseases, nowadays I’m a DJ since aprox 4 years, music is a passion, release in which I channel all my frustations, fears and stress. I’m 34 y/o, jobless, having money issues, i have debts, daughters to take care of the club I was a resident DJ just closed, I feel like I’m lost, hopeless and alone, it’s hard.

Hey man. Sounds to me like you have a LOT of things going on at once so I would simply offer a story regarding my own life event to hopefully make you feel a littler better and give you some hope.

Several years back my wife and I were in a serious rut. Divorce was the “word of the day” being thrown back and forth like a live grenade. To top it off I was deployed dealing with most of the drama which was not easy. I finally found some peace and accepted my fate that it was gonna happen. Which is where this guy told me something that I hope makes you feel better.

Long of the short is I was telling this guy that I wanted to be there for my kids and it made my heart break thinking that I was not going to be around as much. He told me this… “man, think of it like this… your kids are going to be around their mother all day all night… BUT when they are with YOU they are going to be over the moon because you provide them something different! They aren’t going to remember all that time they spent with their mother but they WILL remember those rare moments that you spend your time with them… which is what they will remember and hold on to throughout their lives.”

Made me feel better when I heard that.

Keep in touch!

Soooooo true. My wife had an affair so we divorced a year and a half ago after we attempted counseling. I only see my kids every 2 months but they are so stoked and my time around has never been more quality. They also see that not being with their mom has made me a better man. Good luck everyone. Life’s hard but things always work out one way or another.

I recently posted on here about my struggle with epilepsy. I still struggle with it every day and the awful side effects that the medications give you. It’s hard to push through those days where you feel like there’s nothing to live for, the pills are literally designed to be depressants to keep you from having seizures, although unfortunately you just have to find a rhythm in life. Whether that’s exercise, playing music, or spending time with family. You’re also talking about it which is extremely important in the first place. Just know that we all love you and we’re all here for you!