Escaping the cycle of Addiction

I felt lost and not at home in my own skin and for a long time drugs helped me deal with my feelings of not fitting in, they gave me comfort, confidence and a sense of identity.

After 10 years, taking drugs were also stopping me from keeping a job, or being able to study. I lost my ability to look after myself on a basic level. I didn’t leave the house anymore. I didn’t eat or bathe and lost any hope of having a good life.

I found a way out of the cycle of drug use through local 12 steps meetings of Narcotics anonymous. They don’t charge any money to attend. NA doesn’t care what drugs you are struggling with, or how much or how little you take. They are not affiliated with any other organizations or religions. No one is a professional, they are all addicts in recovery helping each other to get and stay clean.

If you think you might have a problem with drugs but are not sure, you might find it helpful to complete the following questionnaire: Am I an Addict?

You can talk to an NA member via the NA phone line in your country at a local rate, and find meetings in your town via google. The NA World Service website also has links to meetings and further reading.


thanks for sharing your story of hope!

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This is such an amazing story. So proud of you and your journey. :grin:

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Thanks for sharing my friend! My little sister is addicted to hard drugs and I hope that one day she is able to find it within herself to come clean and find the help she needs.

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