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this whole month and last month I’ve just felt so alone and worthless

I have been through a time once where I thought I was going to go no where with my life. I thought my worth was not nothing and I could not help anyone. Slowly randomly after praying and writing down a lot of personal reflection I found I was not loving the people enough around me. I found my worth in life was to love those around me the best I do could with all I am. I grew from feeling alone to feeling I was wanted.

I want you to feel that also. I want you to feel that you are needed. Cause you are. You are loved. You are now apart of a community of people that want to love you. We at HeartSupport are a family and want to love you the best we can.

Listen. You are not alone. You are cared for. You are loved. You have value. You are worth while.

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler
HS Intern

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Hi I saw your message and wanted to respond. I’m sorry that you are feeling alone and worthless. You are unique and amazing. I would try to find meetups where you can find people with similar interests and be able to do things so you aren’t feeling alone. Remember that you are unique and amazing and are worthy. :purple_heart: