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Everyday some days more than others some days less

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Feeling like this every day must be a really weight on your life. I want to say that find the worth that you can bring to the people around you. I struggled with this at one point and I started just giving everyone high fives for no reason. It brought a smile to them. It showed that I brought some happiness to that person if it wasn’t for me that person would have probably never had smiled that day. Now I am not saying you should do the same thing but find a thing you can do to bring worth to the people around you. You find you worth in that.

Now I want to say i want you to just not look at all this words but every single letter I have typed… Cause each one was for you. You are also worth way more the time that i have given you. You are so worth while.
I love you so much.

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler
HS Intern

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