EugeniaCooney Fan #108

This was a fucking stupid idea. I hate everything

Yeah man sometimes asking for help can be such a brutal thing because when it doesn’t work, it crushes the hope that you mustered to reach out…it feels like when everything in your life is crashing at your feet and literally nothing is helping that one of the only responses is to get so bitter at everything…fuck life because life has done nothing but fuck me…when everything crashes on you, you either cave or you go ballistic, and it feels so much more empowering to go ballistic. I find that when life starts to crumble, I try to use anger to regain control…of my kids, of my wife, of my work…even of myself…man I can really get angry at myself…and especially the I’m looking to try to take strides and open myself up to the possibility of things getting better, when things come in my way and impede me from making progress, I can feel so disheartened, and so discouraged that I either have to eat that and get crippled by the sadness or I burst into anger…and man, I just gotta say, I’m super proud of you for opening yourself up to hope…for saying – yeah this is probably a crock of shit, but I’m going to give it a try anyways. I hope that this can positively reinforce a message that might have been lost in translation a long time ago…but you matter…your story, your pain…they matter…hope doesn’t have to be a crock of shit, sometimes it can lead to something powerful and beautiful and transformative…and I hope this can be a part of turning the tide to believing in that possibility again.

Thank you for opening up and giving this a chance <3

I understand this feel frequently. Even during TC with friends Ill suddenly feel it was a huge mistake to come out.