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today i am always there for ppl when they cry yet no one is there for me

Oh man, it’s so brutal to feel like you’re just a dumpster for them to drop their emotions in…to feel like you’re just good for what they can unload onto you and like your entire worth is based on something that isn’t even really connected to who you are…it’s like…do you even see me? Do you even know me? Do you even care? It can be such a brutally isolating thought to feel like there isn’t anyone there for you when you need it most…I remember so many days scrolling through my phone book and feeling that similar pang of defeat…that no one in this damn list gives a shit that I’m coming undone right now…gosh, man, I’m so sorry that you’re feeling that depth of loneliness right now.

I just want to say – I see you friend. Thank you for sharing your heart. I see the nobility of your love, and I see the rawness of your pain. You matter, and your heart matters, and for what it’s worth, I’m really thankful that you chose to open up here so that you don’t have to shoulder this alone.


I so can relate I am just the same way. You answered who will be there for you. The people that you are there for. Now if they arent there for you well I am here for you now. I want you to know i got your back. I am here for you. So if you need to cry. Cry. If you want to laugh with my dumb joke.

What do you call a broken boomer rang… a stick. HAHAHAHA

laugh with me.

We here at HeartSupport care about you. I hope you see that in this response.

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler
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Hey, you have way more people to talk to than you think! They might be people on the internet, but there are a lot of people who want to listen to you w

Hey, I can’t believe how much your feelings resonate with me. I too, am always the ears to listen to friends but no one is there for me when I need them. Know you are not alone, you are love and you matter. I am here for you