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i have really bad anxiety and panic disorder and i struggle with panic attacks everyday.

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You are so much more than your panic attacks. I know it’s a struggle. But keep pressing on. You are strong enough to get through this!

As a child and teenager I had crippling anxiety. I had panic attacks regularly to the point I would hyperventilate and pass out. I began to meditate and I educated myself about my condition and worked on it every day. I learned to find hope and excuses to celebrate small victories. It isnt easy. But one of the most helpful resources was when I finally realized I’m not alone. When I realized I wasnt alone I had to delve deeper. I found out a lot of my anxiety stemmed from not having confidence in myself. So the next few years I rewired my brain, I learned to love myself. When I learned to love myself a drastic amount of my anxiety simply melted away. I began to walk with my head held high when I walked into rooms. I began to feel at home in a crowd of unfamiliar faces. And slowly but surely 99% of my anxiety disappeared. Dont ever give up on yourself. Your are worthy of love, self love or otherwise. You deserve to be happy and content. And you will ALWAYS have support if you look for it. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.


thank you sm for the support. who is this tho btw? do you have any social media i could add you on?

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