EugeniaCooney Fan #131

I’ve felt alone a lot recently. Whenever I listen to how others feel but then I tell them how I feel and it doesn’t seem like it matters

It can be so discouraging to feel like you are being such a good listener and such a good friend, and you aren’t receiving that in return. You deserve to be heard.

I’m glad that you are sharing your feelings here because I hope you will be reminded that your feelings matter. Your hurt matters and is valid, and I Hope you continue to share here.

I’m glad you’re here. Sending love.

Hey, just wanted to say that you are heard, you are valid, and you’re not alone. You’re an amazing friend for listening to how others feel, and you are probably the light that those people need in their day. Keep on being amazing and being that light, and eventually they’ll be in a position to do the same for you. Either way, your worth doesn’t hinge on their response, you matter! :heart:

It may feel discouraging at times but they may not know how to relate to what you are telling them. It’s not that they don’t care it’s that they care enough to not hurt you by saying anything wrong