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I was in school and all the girls just looked so much more beautiful than me. They shall had the body I wish I had or the facial features I wish I had. I

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I’ve felt this way too. I feel like I look around and there is always someone who is prettier than I am, or they have a better physique, and it’s so frustrating because beauty isn’t something that you can change. But here’s the amazing thing about it, there are people who look at you and think the same thing. Maybe they think wow I wish I had her eyes, or I wish my face lit up like hers when I laughed, or I wish I had her smile or her heart, or I wish I was as smart as her.

You have qualities that are beautiful. Even if you don’t see your beauty, I do. I see your beauty in how brave you are to share your heart here. I see your strength in your ability to admit that you are hurting.

You are beautiful. I encourage you when you start to compare yourself to others to remind yourself of your uniqueness, and your beautiful qualities. Look in the mirror and tell yourself the things you love about yourself even if they are small.

You are beautiful. I’m so glad you’re here

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Hello. I saw your message and I wanted to let you know that you are unique and beautiful. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others and feel like we want more. But you have something no one else does. Try to embrace who you are… it will empower you. You are beautiful so raise your head and shine. Lift up those others around you because they may also be struggling, even if you think they have everything as we focus on what we think are flaws in ourselves, so they probably are doing the same.

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I just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful, don’t compare cosmetic features to anyone around you. Keep a good heart and let your amazing personality shine.