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always feel inferior and I often start to dislike out of jealously.

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I FEEL this! We live in a wold that is full of so much comparison. It is so easy to scroll through instagram or hear happy stories from friends and just feel so jealous and like you could never be as successful, happy or worthy.

I’ve felt this before, and it’s so hard. Something that helps me is reminding myself that everyone has flaws, and struggles. It’s like an iceberg, we only see such a small portion of someone’s life, but underneath there is so much more complexity that we don’t know anything about.

So someone that you might see as perfect might feel the same way about you, or they might have similar struggles.

I try not to compare, and when I find myself beginning to compare, I like to practice a little positive affirmation, something like “I am strong, I am beautiful, I am worthy, and there is enough space in this world for this person to also be strong, beautiful and worthy, their light doesn’t diminish my light, we can both shine together.”

Sending love

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